The quotations used in this websites come from the following sources:

The Taoist I Ching by Liu Yiming. This website is named after this book. The ideas represented in this text form the basis of this website.

The Secret of Everlasting life, a translation of The Cantong Qi, a 2nd century Taoist text, with commentaries by Taoist masters.

The Seal of Unity of the Three, another translation of The Cantong Qi.

Understanding Reality by Zhang Boduan (11th century Taoist master) with a commentary by Liu Yiming (18th century Taoist master). Zhang Boduan was an important figure in the emergence of the Quanzhen (Complete Reality) tradition.

The Inner teachings of Taoism. It contains Four Hundred Words on the Golden Elixir by Zhang Boduan with a commentary by Liu Yiming and an exposition on Taoist alchemy by Liu Yiming.

The Book of Balance and Harmony by Li DaoChun (13th century Taoist master), an anthology that outlines the teachings and practices of the Quanzhen (Complete Reality) tradition.

Thanks are due to translators Thomas Cleary, Richard Bertschinger and Fabrizio Pregadio for bringing these texts to the English-speaking world and especially to the writers of these texts for spending their lives in dedication to awakening their Original Spirit and for preserving the heritage of the Quanzhen (Complete Reality) tradition for posterity.